Below is the callback schedule for Wednesday, February 3. Callbacks will be from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. Please view the callback material on the Google classroom and have it easily accessible to reference during your callback!

Time Scene Characters

6:00 PM General George

6:20 PM 1 Robbie Sammy George

10 Robbie Sammy George

8 Glen Robbie

6:45 PM 5 Holly Julia

6 Holly Julia Sammy

3 Holly Julia Sammy Robbie

4 Holly Julia Glen Robbie

7:30 PM 9 Linda Julia Robbie

8:00 PM 2 Robbie Rosie

8:20 PM 7 Angie Julia

8:40 PM General Ricky Bum

9:00 PM General Losers Bad Haircut Guy Sideburns Lady Large Lady

9:30 PM Anything Deemed Necessary