Ad Forms

If you wish to print out the ad form please click here!

The prices for ads in our playbill are as follows:

FULL PAGE (portrait orientation, approx. 8.5 x 5.5 in.): $75

½ PAGE (landscape orientation, approx. 4.25 x 5.5 in.): $50

¼ PAGE (portrait orientation, approx. 2 x 5.5 in.): $25

SHOUTOUT (featured sentence or two on “Shoutout Page”: $10

*Please make checks payable to Spackenkill Activity Fund.


_________________________ has purchased:

______ full            ______ ½       ______ ¼       ______ shoutout

Ad in the amount of $_________ for inclusion in Spack Onstage’s RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN’S CINDERELLA playbill. 

Please check one option:

______ We create an ad using the information you provide (attach information)

______ Provide us with your own ad (scan and email* a business card, flyer, etc.)

*To email the ad or ad information, please contact

Ad forms and graphics are due by MARCH 31st, 2023.